Yolngu people

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Yolngu People - Kinship System

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Abbott given position as Special Envoy on Indigenous Affairs

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About Yolngu

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The Yowling people holder stronger bonds outside blood ties, they have strong links with their extended family and are expected to follow family traditions whereas in Australian culture we focus on our immediate family (be specific – what type of Emily). 12 Canoes is a broadband website presenting, in an artistic, cultural and educational context, the stories, art and environment of the Yolngu people who live around the Arafura swamp in north-eastern Arnhem Land.

The Yolngu

Kinship relations are also mapped onto the lands owned by the Yolngu through their hereditary estates – so almost everything is either Yirritja or Dhuwa – every fish, stone, river, etc., belongs to one or the other moiety.

A few items are wakinŋu (without moiety). Yolngu Boy is a Australian coming-of-age film that follows three Yolngu teenagers as they make the transition from childhood to adulthood.

An A-Z spanning history of the Australian Aboriginal people from the earliest legends to the present day. Mudrooroo.

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Just one generation ago Australian schoolkids were taught that Aboriginal people couldn’t count beyond five, wandered the desert scavenging for .

Yolngu people
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