Why is ust inc considering a leveraged recapitalization after such a long history of conservative de

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Debt Policy at Ust

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A barn with all of academics is considered to be a strong argument ecosystem. Why is UST Inc. considering a leveraged recapitalization after such a long history of conservative debt policy?

Should UST Inc. undertake the 1$ billion recapitalization? Calculate the marginal(or incremental) effect on UST’s value, assuming that the entire recapitalization is implemented immediately (January 1st, ).

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From the perspective of a bondholder, what are the primary attributes and business risks for UST? b. Why is UST considering a leveraged recapitalization after such a long history of conservative debt policy? c. Estimate the incremental effect on UST’s value if the entire $1 billion recapitalization is implemented immediately (January 1, ).

Download-Theses Mercredi 10 juin Mar 27,  · 2. Why is UST Inc. considering a leveraged recapitalization after such a long history of conservative debt policy? (Your answer should be more qualitative than quantitative!) A. UST wants to increase the firm value by enjoying the huge tax shield provided by more leverage.

Previously, they were too concerned about the default risk thus/5(1).

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UST Inc. is considering a debt-for-equity recapitalization. In the deal, UST will issue $1 billion debt to buy back stocks.

In class we argue that an important determinant of a firm’s debt policy is the tradeoff between the tax benefits of debt and the costs of financial distress and bankruptcy.

Why is ust inc considering a leveraged recapitalization after such a long history of conservative de
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