Void watermark paper

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How to Create a Hidden Watermark Word That Shows When a Document Is Copied

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SecureGuard™ Document Security Paper Products

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When a document printed on SecureCard™ Tamper Resistant Document Security Card Stock has been copied the word "VOID" appears on the photocopy in background.

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Anti-Copy Watermark ™. Perfect for forms and handwritten documents, our ULTRA Anti Copy paper includes a range of features to identify alterations including pressure-changing watermarks, chemical reactive paper and our dull chemical coating to fuse ink, in addition to full, printed instructions of each sheet's security features!5/5(1).

Security Paper Item # Blue /2" X 11" 6 Security features Standard Medical. Meets and exceeds federal guidelines set “VOID”pantograph Printed watermarks on the back of sheet • Coin-reactive ink on watermark •.

TRANSCRIPT PAPER reg. Transcript Paper We imprint a special hidden message — VOID — into the sheet. It’s not visible to the naked eye, but designed so that the optics from copiers and scanners display the message.

Your Custom WaterMark on our exclusive STARSecure Paper is the MOST EFFECTIVE Security Paper available at a.

Security printing

California Approved Tamper Resistant Prescription Paper EMR Laser Scripts ~ Rx Pads. The State of California. In California, the Bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigative Services. Thus, a customization embedded watermark, security thread, multi-color gravure printing or combination of high security printing technology can be used to overcome the weakness.

“VOID” or “COPY” Check Anti-Copy Paper “VOID” or “COPY” would appear on the duplicated document if the original document is replicated through.

Void watermark paper
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