Paper collage art techniques

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Stonehenge Paper

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Exploring Different Art Techniques

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Banner tissue paper can become a large collage element, especially when combined with vivid-drawn doodles. This is where painting meets collage! You can create beautiful art with amazing depth and texture, using easy collage techniques and paper you paint yourself.

Stonehenge is a traditional fine art paper with a smooth, flawless surface that is slightly mottled to resemble actual vellum. Use it for watercolor, printmaking, pen-and-ink, pencil, or pastel. Here’s what I did today: the collage of spring flowers using tissue papers! The idea for the tissue paper collage came from a visual arts teacher who sent me an email asking if I had any ideas about creating art using tissue papers and markers.

Collage art is the combination of pieces of diverse materials and media, such as newspaper, magazines, package labels, fabric, paint and photographs, into one composition.

The term itself derives from the French “coller,” meaning “glue.”. Using paper collage techniques, combine typography with pattern, ephemera, and drawing to create dynamic paper collage art.

Assembling a Collage: Article #2 Putting it. Collage Sourcebook: Exploring the Art and Techniques of Collage Jennifer Atkinson. out of 5 stars Paperback.

$ It might be called "The Art Of Paper Collage," but clearly the author comes from the world of scrapbooking and rubber stamping, not from the world of collage as a fine art. The examples she includes of her own work Reviews:

Paper collage art techniques
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How to Create Tissue Paper Collage - Peony and Parakeet