Pangea supercontinent

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The Man Who Figured Out Pangea

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When Earth's Supercontinent Pangaea Was Torn Apart 130 Million Years Ago, the Planet Warmed Up

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"Supercontinent" is a term used for a large landmass formed by the convergence of multiple continents. The most frequently referenced supercontinent is known as "Pangaea" (also "Pangea"), which existed approximately million years ago.

It is thought that all major continents at that time were assembled into the Pangaea supercontinent. Gondwana was an ancient supercontinent that broke up about million years ago.

Long-lost chunk of Canada found in Australia

The continent eventually split into landmasses we recognize today: Africa, South America, Australia, Antarctica. More Info. At the end of the Permian was Greatest Extinction of All Time.

Vast deserts covered western Pangea during the Permian as reptiles spread across the face of the supercontinent. Another Pangea-like supercontinent, Pannotia, was assembled million years ago, at the end of the Precambrian. Present-day plate motions are bringing the continents together once again.

Africa has begun to collide with southern Europe, and the Australian Plate is now colliding with Southeast Asia.

P A N G A E A The Continent. Original acrylic on canvas painting by Betsy Heilman. Some million years ago all the world's land masses were beginning to form into one supercontinent, Pangaea, surrounded by a single universal sea, redoakpta.comh the upheavals that we have since come to know as plate tectonics, the shifting of the Earth's crust tore the supercontinent asunder about the.

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About million years ago, Earth didn't have seven continents, but instead one massive supercontinent called Pangaea, which was surrounded by a single ocean called Panthalassa.

Pangea supercontinent
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