Organizing paper clutter

How to Organize Paper Clutter {Organizing Challenge Week One}

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Organizing Paper Clutter | My Top 15 Tips!

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Paper Clutter Solutions For Your Home

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Get Rid of Your Paper Clutter Once and For All

The start of school means the start of a daily flow of paperwork that gets piled up on the kitchen counter - school projects, forms to fill out, homework to do, lunch menus, the list goes on!

I’m Sharon Lowenheim, a.k.a. the Organizing Goddess®. I’m an Ivy League-educated, native New Yorker, and I have devoted a lifetime to living large in small spaces. Find and save ideas about Organizing paper clutter on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Paper clutter, Paper organization and Organizing documents.

One of the most common complaints from families is of paper clutter. It can be in your kitchen or home office, but the piles of paper that stack up get messy and annoying.

When people ask me how to organize paper clutter I immediately know they haven't gotten quite in the right mental space yet to really conquer this problem. NSGCD © Clutter-Hoarding Scale One problem found in any of these four categories may indicate the need for further investigation regarding the whole level.

Organizing paper clutter
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Organizing Paper Clutter | Top 15 Tips for Organizing the Paper Clutter