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Handwriting Analysis & Forensic Document Examination Education Guide

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Handwriting Analysis Courses in Bangalore. Find advanced graphology training centres, institutes, classes in Bangalore and get handwriting analysis training programs, course fees, duration, class timings, contact addresses, phone numbers, ratings, reviews and Sulekha score instantly to your mobile.

Find job description for Business Analyst - ID posted by S A Tech Software India Private Limited for Bengaluru / Bangalore location, apply on redoakpta.com Require years exp with qualification.

This job fits to Business Analyst/ Consultant role and IT function. Free Basic Handwriting Analysis Course Take this course and you will learn basic handwriting analysis principles and three writing traits: Size, Slant, and Baseline. Before you start the course, you should create a writing sample of your own handwriting.

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Get a piece of unlined paper and, using a black ink pen, write a few sentences, then sign. Graphology or Handwriting Analysis is a pseudo scientific method used for analysing handwriting to draw inferences about the character and personality traits of the writer.

Sl. No. ID No Name of the Students Attn. (5) Assessment marks (95) Total () Grade 1 Ms. Ashwini Prashanth 1 68 69 A+ 2 Ms. Lavanya 1 71 72 O 3 Ms.

Meghana M 1 76 77 O 4 Ms. Aditi Prakash 1 56 57 B+ 5 Ms. Kiran Meena 5 49 54 B 6 Mr. Himanshu Gupta 1 68 69 A+ 7 Ms. Jashanjot Kaur 5 75 80 O 8 Ms. Kriti 5 76 81 O. Feb 08,  · Handwriting Analysis Call us +91 for Graphology Courses, Graphology Classes in Bangalore, Graphology in India,Handwriting Analysis in Bangalore.

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Handwriting analyst bangalore hotels
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