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OCR AS History: Democracy and Dictatorship in Germany 1919-63

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Nazi Germany - November Germany surrenders and the Kaiser abdicates. Germany becomes a Republic. June 28th Treaty of Versailles Germany are forced to sign the Treaty of Versailles (November Criminals), which many Germans describe as a ‘Diktat’.

Germany revision facts book 1. Germany 2. Weimar Germany – The end of WW1 • Germany was in a very poor state: the blockade of Germany had lead to a lack of food and supplies.

People were starving. Riots were breaking out. The abdication came the day before the armistice that Germany had little choice but to sign (but was nonetheless considered a betrayal). Germany emerged from the war broken, with more than 2 million dead. The Treaty of Versailles signed on June 28th WJEC GCSE History Paper 1 Germany Too many notes in the economy meant that prices went out of control.

November was the worst month: bread cost ,, marks. People had to carry their wages home in .

Germany ocr notes as
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