Bottles water better than tap

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Is Bottled Water Better?

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Bottled water

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Is boxed water really better than its bottled counterparts? These cartons provide an alternative to the sizable carbon footprint of bottled water.

“But no one should think that bottled water is better regulated, better protected or safer than tap,” says Eric Goldstein, co-director of the. In the final analysis, tap water is cheaper, tastes better, is significantly better for the environment and just as safe or even safer than bottled water.

Bottled Water Vs. Tap Water: Rethink What You Drink

We’ll drink to that. Don't let big tech. Let's find out why medical professionals often recommend tap water over bottled water—the answers may surprise you. Skip to main content.

Why Tap Is Better Than Bottled 1. vapor-distilled with electrolytes added for taste, smartwater offers a bottled water that's simple, pure, and delicious. smartwater is a purified water made using vapor distillation, a purification process that simulates the hydrologic cycle — similar to the way water is purified in nature.

Bottles water better than tap
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